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Startling results can be achieved by using three of the TARAMAR products, the Day- and Purification Treatments and the Serum. The skin-activity of the TARAMAR products has been confirmed by independent laboratory. The Serum has been shown to increase collagen and radiation of skin by 18% and the Purification Treatment firmed the skin and increased the illumination as well through mild detoxing and deep cleansing of the skin. The Day treatment has the ability to boost the energy levels of the skin cells and the gentle effects of the marine actives soften and condition so that the skin becomes elastic with a fabulous texture. Learn more here.

Many TARAMAR users talk about the amazing “Love-to-touch” feeling in the skin that is generated by the pure TARAMAR skincare. Created with food grade ingredients and the patent pending NoTox Technology, this skincare is so pure, it is technically edible, a true food for the skin.


This powerfully skin boosting cream will both nourish and reactivate your facial skin. Packed with organically derived anti-oxidants from Icelandic seaweed, organic vegetables and organic herbs together with liposomal co-enzymes, this luxurious emulsion will boost the energy of the dermal cells and support and stimulate healthy metabolic activity of the skin. The outcome is immensely satisfying, an elastic radiant skin, perfectly balanced with a love-to-touch texture. The Day Treatment was awarded a bronze prize as the Best Moisturizer in the UK Global Makeup Awards 2021.

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The Serum is a veritable fountain of youth.

The Serum has brought joy to so many TARAMAR lovers. It repairs, reshapes and restore the skin, while luxuriously combating environmental elements. The Serum’s powerful Icelandic seaweed extracts, organically-grown viola tricolor and ingenious peptides with hyaluronic acid, revitalize and penetrate deep into dull, dry, aging skin to dramatically enhance collagen production, beautifully hydrate and restore skin radiance and suppleness.

In a surprisingly rapid action (first changes can be seen in 4-6 days), the Serum promotes a healthy, fortified complexion, melting away fine lines, dryness and wrinkles and supporting an ageless look, using only the purest, most natural ingredients.

The Serum received the Gold in the Global Makeup
Awards 2020.


So much more than simply a cleansing medium! Results of Live tests on women by independent laboratories have revealed astonishing changes reflected in greater radiance, mild detoxification and firmer, hydrated skin with a beautiful color. This product is a clear example of how we can bring out glow and pureness with skin-actives from marine plants of the Atlantic Ocean. Your skin will love this delicate oil blend which is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. The purifying Treatment was awarded a Silver from Global Makeup Awards 2020.

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