Artic Flower Treatment


Hydrate, rebuild and increase collagen in the sensitive region around mouth and eyes. Use the amazing skin-actives of the Arctic Flower Treatment to diminish lipstick lines and combat wrinkles and fine lines. The Arctic Flower Treatment can also help to achieve balance in your skin. Whether you are dealing with rosacea or just want to maintain a healthy glow, this Serum can help. With potent skin-actives from the Icelandic herbs, the serum can soothe and restore the skin while providing essential nutrients for long-term health. With regular use, many TARAMAR users enjoy a balanced complexion that is free of redness and irritation. See Brochure.


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Know more, Glow more

Together with an marine extract, the three Arctic flowering herbs, Viola, Lady’s Mantle and Red Clover, are a powerful source of antioxidants that can help you achieve a smooth and even complexion. With the potent power of these herbs, you can protect your skin from damage caused by free radicals and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, and other signs of aging. Not only will your skin look younger and healthier but it will also be protected from environmental damage. Discover the benefits of using Arctic Flower Treatment  to banish lines and reveal a smooth and even complexion today!

Less lines: 

Skinactives: Arctic flower extracts, together with microbial-extracted exopolysaccharides, stimulate collagen production to lift, firm and smooth skin with fewer wrinkles.

Additional actives: microbial exopolysaccharides to support and correct the collagen matrix to enhance firmness and elasticity.


Hydrated skin

Skinactives: Viola Tricolor, a powerful herb that improves the aquaporins-3 activity to lock in moisture deep in skin cells.

Additional actives: Hyaluronic acid to bind hydration and prevent water loss for skin that is plumped and lifted.


Stop oxidation & free radicals:

Skinactive: Viola tricolour, lady’s mantel, and red clover are rich in flavonoids and other skin-loving compounds to stop oxidation, lessen inflammation and stimulate cellular renewal;

Skinactive: Winged kelp scavenges the free radicals that accelerate skin ageing.


Organic and Vegan

Handcrafted and cultivated by Icelandic organic farmers. Sustainably harvested from Iceland’s pure ocean. No heavy machines, only human hands.



100% toxic free

Handcrafted with love and tender care. Only food-grade ingredients emulsified using the innovative NoTox technology with  no nasty chemicals are allowed.


The Arctic Flower Treatment can be applied at any time of day. It is specially designed to increase hydration and diminish lipstick lines, however, its benefits can be experienced over the whole facial area. A single application per day will suffice to gradually help you achieve deeper age-defying benefits. To apply, pump a dollop of Arctic Flower Treatment onto your fingers and massage it gently across the upper lip and around the mouth area, as well as wherever there is a concentration of fine lines or dryness for powerful collagen support and increased hydration. And human skin is human skin – so it works for men as well! We all face skin problems as we age, and The Arctic Flower Treatment is a very special solution to rejuvenate each day.


* Organically certified, ** Pure wild source, *** Natural component of essential oils

Arctic Flower Treatment was awarded first prize as the Best Serum at the Global Makeup Awards Scandinavia 2022

Does the trick! Love this product. It has such a rich scent that reminds me of the outdoors. Also feels great on the skin. Good job! I enjoyed this immensely. I ran out so quickly. Didn’t leave my skin oily and sank in easily ready for my head to hit the pillow. 5/5! So good!
[A star Judge from the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2021]


I have been suffering from rosacea and dry skin on my face for many years and have not tolerated any other cosmetics. The facial line from Taramar seems to suit me very well. My skin stays moisturized all day, whether in the sun or cold. The cold always has a worse effect on my Rosacea, but after using Taramar for a few months, I have not seen that I get worse in the cold. I am also very happy that the Taramar products are free of any unwanted additives. [Guðrún Kristjánsdottir]


I would like to let you know that I’m so thankful for the cream. Actually, I’m a very good sampler of women on whom your cream works really well- I feel today like I have had botox 🙂  Usually I have 3 deep wrinkles on my forehead and they are much, much less deep today after using the cream only 2 times (night and morning)
[Olga Soffía; google translate from Icelandic]


Really helpful in keeping my skin feeling and looking smooth and hydrated. Lovely product. I liked the fact that the product was pretty much scentless, as I am quite sensitive to strong scents. I also liked that the consistency was so smooth, and not too oily. This went straight to my favourites! Great product! You can always trust the Taramar products 🙂
[A star Judge from the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2021]


I have been using the Taramar products for many years and I see a huge difference in my skin. I hardly need makeup, except occasionally. And it’s a good feeling to know where they come from and the purity that lies behind the products.
[María Ellingsen, one of Iceland’s most famous actresses]


Taramar keeps delivering since I tested their serum for the first time, amazing products! My skin looks so good in the morning after just a couple of nights of using this. So good! This treatment gave my skin a lot of moisture. I sometimes noticed that my face was a bit dry in some spots which I believe that this night treatment was able to control. I’m going to keep using this! Loved it!
[A star Judge from the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards]


A very good product! Love this one. Definitely, something I’ll use in the future! I love this product. My skin looks amazing after using it. A really nice night treatment, and nice packaging! Classy! I’d love to try a fuller Taramar experience.
[A star Judge from the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards]

The bottle is 15 ml (0.5 fl. oz.), or approximately 35 pumps

Keep at room temperature

Good job! I enjoyed this immensely. I ran out so quickly. Didn’t leave my skin oily and sank in easily ready for my head to hit the pillow. 5/5! So good!

[A star Judge from the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2021]