How Taramar works

Experience real results by the courtesy of the Icelandic nature

The 30 Day Challenge

Reshape your skin with three simple steps and experience daily improvement.

Step One:

The Serum

The Serum is designed to rebuild the collagen structure of the skin. It targets the fine lines around the eyes, as well as several skin deformities, and includes a peptide that has been shown to restructure the collagen fibers. Apply 1-2 drops to face after cleansing, paying special attention to eyes and mouth.

Step Two:

The Day Treatment

The Day Treatment is designed to improve the cellular metabolism, de-clog the dermal cells, increase hydration, and protect the skin. The skin will gradually perform better and become more elastic, luminous, and younger looking. Apply daily to face and neck after the Serum.

Step Three:

The Purifying Treatment

The Purification Treatment is designed to deep cleanse the skin and remove make-up, and can be applied to the entire eye area, as no irritating or toxic chemicals are used. Dispense drops into palm og hand, apply to face and eye area and massage gently. Rinse with lukewarm water or leave on skin for extra hydration when needed.

For even more

impressive results

The Night Treatment

The Night Treatment is designed to stimulte the growth of collagen fibers and improve the cohesion between the different dermal layers, while you sleep. As a result, the skin may become smoother and healthier with fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

The Eye Treatment

The Eye Treatment is infused with actives extracted with NoTox® technology from Icelandic herbs and alpine flowers. These actives modulate and tighten the skin. The outcome is awesome. Skin folds above the eyes become significantly less, eye bags shrink and the overall appearance of the orbital area becomes lighter and younger looking.