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Meet the winter challenge –
keep your skin safe and healthy

Winter is a time of year when the cold temperatures and dry air can wreak havoc on your skin. With the right strategies and products, however, you can keep your skin safe and healthy all winter long. At TARAMAR we use a combination of two products, the Night Treatment and the Hydration Treatment to keep our skin fully hydrated, soft and protected.

The Night Treatment is a revolutionary skincare product that has been developed to provide superior hydration and protection against the elements. Its secret lies in a unique marine plankton extract that contains cold protecting glycoproteins, similar to those used by wild organisms in the Arctic regions for protection of live tissue, a kind of a natural freezing fluid.

The Hydration Treatment contains unique oils that calm the skin and help to lock in moisture so that the skin remains soft, supple, and resilient.


In TARAMAR we bridge two worlds of cosmetics; the Green Organic world of pure and safe skincare and the Technical world of active and functionally effective skincare.

It is not generally recognized, but the fact is that few skincare brands that use technical solutions, have had the ambition to purify their formulas. For example, anti-aging skincare does frequently include toxic and harmful synthetics and even if they include natural compounds, they may still be leached with pesticides, fungicides and weed killing chemicals.

It has been TARAMAR’s mission to use Science to develop highly effective skincare, which is, however, organic, absolutely pure and safe and highly skin benevolent.

To achieve this goal, we developed ingenious skin-actives from Icelandic natural resources and infused these into 100% toxic free formula that are so pure that they could be eaten.


To achieve absolute purity of the formula, we designed a new technology, a new method to create skincare. Instead of using synthetic chemicals to stabilize and preserve the formula, we developed infusions and blends of organic seaweed, herbs, vegetables and fruits to safeguard the formula and promote powerful skin healing and reforming properties.

TARAMAR’s patented technology, NoTox®, is free from any cruel or harsh compounds, ensuring that TARAMAR is food for your skin and so gentle and so efficient 💜


Since 2005, Dr. Gudrun Marteinsdottir, Professor at the University of Iceland, has been on a mission to develop skin care that is totally safe both for humans and the environment.

Through her work on the biology of marine organisms she became increasingly inspired by the hidden healing potential of seaweed and other marine sources.  At the same time, she observed that chemicals from personal products can have devastating effects on the environment and the wild living creatures that inhabit it. In her research, Gudrun discovered how these synthetic compounds can cause harm to wildlife and their habitats. She also found out how some of these compounds are not easily broken down by nature and can persist in the environment for years. As these chemicals are released from both factories and  general users, they are being released into natural water bodies and accumulate in shallow areas, which unfortunately are frequently the site of nurseries for important wildlife species.

When designing TARAMAR, it was therefore an unbroken rule, that this skincare should not contain any compromising chemicals, and technically it should be only composed of food grade compounds that were 100% toxic free and safe for us, the humans, as well as the environment.


As a result, the skincare brand TARAMAR was designed with one unbroken rule in mind – to provide users with a product that is free from any potentially compromising chemicals. This commitment to provide the highest-quality product meant that there was a need to design a new technology (NoTox Technology, patent registered) that would enable the boycott of all toxic and endocrine disrupting chemicals. By carefully selecting food grade ingredients and ensuring that each step of the production process adhered to strict standards, TARAMAR has become a leader in the production of the world’s purest natural skincare products.


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