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Iceland’s finest natural skincare


We have developed a unique method that makes sure all the functional ingredients do their job exactly where they are needed.


Decades of research, led by a marine biologist and a food and nutrition professor, have unveiled a unique approach to skin care.


The Taramar brand is designed to improve skin health, remove harmful toxins and reconstruct the skin matrix.


We are firm believers in using a good foundation for good results. That is why our products are safe for your body, from the inside out.

Our Products

We believe in looking beneath the surface to find what can be harnessed. The result is the Taramar skincare brand. It contains no cruel synthetics, only naturally preserving compounds that are safe for the body, both inside and out.

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30 Years of Advanced Research

The Taramar skin care brand is based on long-term research lead by two professors at the University of Iceland, Dr Guðrún Marteinsdóttir (Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences)  and Dr Kristberg Kristbergsson (Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition)

Working with Nature, not Against It

Everything we put on our skin should be safe, both for our bodies and the environment. For this reason we have carefully selected every ingredient and used only sustainably handpicked natural resources treated with care and respect. We only produce small batches at a time and work in synergy with what nature gives us.

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The power of seaweed

The power of seaweed

We have published new results on the bioactive power of seaweed around Iceland.  This paper has an impressive amount of information. This project was funded by the Icelandic Research Foundation and the University of Iceland Grant. Citation:  Castejón, N, K.Anna Thorarinsdottir, R. Einarsdóttir, K. Kristbergsson and G. Marteinsdóttir. 2022. Exploring the Potential of Icelandic Seaweeds Extracts Produced by Aqueous Pulsed Electric Fields-Assisted Extraction for Cosmetic Applications. Marine Drugs 2021: 19: 662.

Ragnhildur defended her PhD

Ragnhildur defended her PhD

Dr. Ragnhildur Einarsdóttir, our Production manager defended her PhD thesis in December 2022. Her thesis is entitled: "Novel extraction of bioactive compounds from macroalgae with the pulsed electric field. The influence on liposomal dispersions of particle size and electrostatic deposition of cold water fish skin gelatin". This outstanding work contains valuable results on bioactivity and skin-beneficial compounds for TARAMAR. Already, many of the ingenious findings are being used to make the TARAMAR products pure, effective, and unique.

Phosphorescence formation

Phosphorescence formation

Our search for natural compounds that have photosensitizer properties to be used in our new Sun Protecting Formula has been partially completed and published in Chemical Papers. The main effort of this work was performed by Dr. August Kvaran, Professor at the Faculty of Physical Sciences at the University of Iceland, and his student, Kristján Einarsson. Citation: Guðmundsson, E.; G. Marteinsdóttir; K. Kristbergsson; and Á. Kvaran. 2022. Melatonin photoreactivity: phosphorescence formation and quenching processes. Chemical Papers.

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